Wednesday, February 2, 2011

something borrowed?

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Hi y'all! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day, just like the bride above :) You know, the silly-smile-on-your-face, jump-on-the-bed kind of day? Yea, love those!

I got a fun email the other day from a friend that suggested such a neat idea! So I naturally decided to post about it...

My to-be-wed friend is on the hunt for a previously-owned veil to use as her "something borrowed" item. When I first read it, I thought to myself "hmmm, I feel like I would want my own veil." But then I realized, how wonderful to be able to find a beautiful item that will be a great part of your special day? And the previous owner now has an even more wonderful connection to the wedding! The more I think about this idea, the more I absolutely adore it!

So, let's hear it! Who has done this before? OR have you borrowed a different item in a similar fashion? I'd love to know if this is me showing late to a totally awesome party, or if this train is just leaving the station.



  1. I totally borrowed my veil. It was originally my husband's cousin's veil at her wedding, then my sister-in-law wore it for her wedding, and then I wore it at mine. It was a gorgeous veil, and it meant even more that I wore something that belonged to my new family!

  2. Jen - I LOVE this! What a great tradition. Do you plan on hanging on to it to pass to someone else in your family?

  3. I'm light years away from getting married, but I don't think I'd mind borrowing a veil, especially if it was my sister's or close friend's. I love love love the photo with this!

  4. Sadly, no. My mother-in-law has it safely stored at her house for the next Benbow or Shields lady to get married.

  5. My mom actually suggested I borrow one from one of my best friends (and bridesmaid!) and I initially though it was an obscure idea... I've thought about since she initially suggested it, however, and the idea has really grown on me. I would be so honored if someone were to ask to borrow mine!


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