Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lady grey

After yesterday's sunshine, it's awfully grey around NC. Wishing mother nature would make up her lovely mind...

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While this weather is not my favorite, grey is a lovely shade, no? :) {And yes, I spell it the British way...}

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 Grey has become a trendy accent color for weddings. My very favorite use of it is in bouquets! The grey and green combination works perfectly in sync. Anyone using grey in their color palette this wedding season? Or is the grey selection in your closet a little overwhelming, like mine?



  1. I love the straws! And I agree about today's weather. I was a big fan of those 75 degree February days!

  2. I love those candle holders!! I love gray for home decor, it seems so cozy!

  3. Love the mood board! Lots of pretties!

  4. I love that top right image and like you I'm lvoing grey at the moment!! I had no idea that was a british way of spelling it... I've never spelt it any other way :-)

  5. I adore anything gray, it is a perfect color! Such a pretty board!


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