Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rainy day + a teaser

Hi lovelies! I cannot believe it's already Wednesday! This week has completely flown by. We've got crazy rain going on here on the east coast and in attempt to stay positive on such a dreary day, I'm going with the idea that this monsoon is the gateway to autumn(one of my favorite seasons!) - yippee!

This past weekend in Chapel Hill was fabulous! I know I promised some photos from the farm wedding, but lazy me has not dumped them off the digital to my laptop. But fear not! Kellie Kano, photog extraordinaire, popped this cute teaser up on her twitter this week! Elizabeth & Matt are the cutest couple! Don't you think?

via {here}
The bride & groom chose to do a "first look" prior to the ceremony. I'm loving this trend so much! Pluses? Makes the first time the bride and groom see each other all the more intimate, pictures between ceremony and the reception go much quicker so the bridal party and guests have more time to partaaay, AND the look on the bride and grooms' faces are always priceless. What's not to love?

I'll work on getting some of my shots posted soon. In the meantime, get out your wellies & stay dry!

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