Monday, April 18, 2011

nc tornadoes + paper inspiration

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend.

North Carolina suffered MAJOR damage on Saturday from severe storms and tornadoes. There are many people who lost loved ones, are injured and many still without power.

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If you would like to help out, please visit the Triangle Red Cross homepage to donate. Funds raised will help feed and shelter those who are homeless and to rebuild the affected areas. Our neighbors could really use some positive vibes.

On a more positive note, while feeding my weekly Martha Weddings appetite, I came across some lovely wedding paper inspiration that I just had to share with you.

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One - This non-traditional approach to wedding programs made my heart skip. Confetti? In your program?! Yes, please.

Two - Lace and doilies are often used in table settings, but I love how it was incorporated into the invitations. Who says an inner envelope has to be solid? Such a great detail!

Three - If you're planning to have guests sign a book, this could be a fun way to spice it up. Have your guests write on small cards and then insert them into their own special envelope.

Four - Placecard + personalized guest gift = genius! Each guest will receive their own single, personalized set of stationery.

Five - Most couples spend a good chunk of their budget on flowers, but what happens to all of those gorgeous buds after the reception? These printed bags are PERFECT to have guests pick their flowers as they leave.

Six - Shake up the ceremony programs by printing them in several different color schemes. Keeps in interesting, no?

Brides & Grooms, what fun paper did you/will you incorporate into your wedding?

Okay, let me hear it - which one is your favorite? Hard to pick just one, but I'm loving the stationery + placecard set.



  1. oh I love number 4. although I already have gifts for our guests, I would like to give personal stationary to my bridesmaids and vendors. xo

  2. i love using doilies as invite liners and envelopes!! such a cool accent. my prayers are going out to those who have been affected by these horrible storms!

  3. Love the confetti programs, so unique and fun!!!
    Prayers for NC.

  4. So very cute! All the ideas are so easy to incorporate!

  5. Oh my- so hard to pick which are my favs- love the doily envelope, love the idea of passing out bags to take flowers home, love the mixed color ceremony programs- oh gosh darn it I love it all! Sending my thoughts & prayers out to those in NC!

  6. These are all so cute but I am loving the confetti one! It would be fun for so many uses!

  7. I am a doily lover! So you know which one I am partial to :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I am so excited to come back and see yours often

  8. all of them; there's no way I could pick just one

  9. I cant believe there were that many storms in one day. <3

  10. I love the idea on #5! Really cute. I just have to say that tornadoes scare me so bad! I am an Oklahoma native and my family still lives there. Every time tornado season rolls around I worry. My prayers go out to families affected by the tornadoes.

  11. Love all of those! Paper can be used in SO many awesome ways for a wedding! yay paper! :)

  12. That confetti program is so divine!

    I'm thinking of NC and all the other states that were affected by the weather this weekend-I always worry about John's Texan parents and Oklahoma-based baby brother whenever storms like these kick up!

  13. Ohmigosh those storms look and sound absolutely terrifying. Thinking of everyone affected by them.


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