Thursday, March 10, 2011

OBX Wedding by Lauren Cowart Photography

I'm VERY excited to share a beautiful, North Carolina wedding today! The very talented (and fellow Tar Heel alum) Lauren of Lauren Cowart Photography, captured Tiffany & Justin's big day on the Outer Banks coast. Check out all of this loveliness...

The navy and orange combination is so much fun! The images pop right off your computer screen, right?

Here is a little bit from Lauren about shooting Tiffany & Justin's wedding:

"Most brides are the ones who need to be catered to, but shooting Tiffany and Justin's wedding was such a different experience. She kept asking everyone around her, "You good? You need anything?" She was asking even in the leading moments up to the ceremony. I think when two people are in love like Tiffany and Justin, there was an assuredness you could just feel! Their wedding on the northern beaches of Corolla was held right at sunset, with Rev. Shirley Anne of Carolina Wedding Co. officiating in the golden afternoon light. It was truly a perfect September day on the Outer Banks! "

Lauren helped me out by answering some questions about her business and life as a photographer:

How did you get into photography? / Give us a brief history of your company:
My mother is an ordained minister and performed her first wedding ceremony with me in her belly - So I'd say it's in my blood! I started shooting some of her small ceremonies on the Outer Banks during my summer vacations at home, and it quickly turned into a passion. Studying photojournalism at UNC-Chapel Hill helped cultivate my technical skills and from there, it's history! 

What equipment do you shoot with?
I shoot with two Canon 5d cameras. My favorite lens is my 50mm, which I love to use in natural light to provide that soft ethereal effect. 

What is your favorite moment to capture at a wedding?
I really love to shoot the bride and groom together just the two of them post-ceremony, but I always get misty during their first dance!! Like, it never fails. 

What is one piece of advice you'd give to amateur wedding photographers?
Be confident! Shooting weddings can be so intimidating when you first start, but on the wedding day, everyone is so nervous and anxious. They don't' need a photographer who seems unsure on top of all the drama they are going to deal with. Show up ready to perform and always stay professional! 

What location has been your favorite place to shoot so far?
This is a hard one - I love doing beach weddings but the refreshment of new locations is always exciting to me. When I shot in Charleston, SC, I was like a kid in a candy store! So much color and so much to see! 

What advice do you give brides for portrait or wedding sessions?
I love candid photography over posed portraits, so I try to get my brides as relaxed as possible during shoots. I want their natural personalities to come through! I say just trust me, because you are going to look good, so stop worrying and just let loose! Be free. 

Who is your favorite player on the 2010-2011 UNC Men's Basketball team & why? 
Whooo!!! I can't pick just one - I have to give it to our freshmen players Kendall Marshall and Harrison Barnes - The excitement that overflows me after a sick assist from Marshall or a nasty dunk by Barnes might be somewhat scary to the average person. I am just so proud to see these two young things stepping up and really uniting our Tar Heel team!! GO HEELS!

I mean I know she's a great photographer, but a Tar Heel too?! Doesn't get any better. Lauren Cowart Photography is based in North Carolina, but is available for travel. Be sure to check out Lauren's other work {here} and visit her blog {here}. BIG thanks to Lauren for sharing this beautiful wedding with {flower & honey}!

I LOVE the sand dollar table cards! So let me here it - what is your favorite part of this wedding?



  1. It's a toss up between the letters and cake.

  2. I love this! The colours are very simple but very powerful. The cake looks amazing. Simple and clean but really striking. ahh!

    I'll be sure to check out Lauren's work. Thanks for sharing :D

    -Dani :)

  3. Beautiful! I love any wedding on a beach!

  4. I grew up in Charleston + Raleigh so the OBX are close to my heart! I LOVE this post!

  5. Such a gorgeous wedding! I love the colours and the first few photos of the ceremony :) Lovely!

  6. Funny story too; we have the same astro sign :) When is your birthday?!

  7. Thanks for all of the love y'all! I know Lauren appreciates it :)

  8. How pretty! I love this wedding -- and orange with navy!

  9. Simplicity and intimacy spells it best for this lovely wedding!


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