Wednesday, September 15, 2010

event design: lovely lights

There are countless details that go into designing an event. I've found that one major detail that often times gets ignored or not taken seriously enough is lighting. Sometimes lighting can make or break an event because of the impact it has on the space.  This can include mood, the photography and even the most basic idea of having guests be able to see where they're walking! Often times, outdoor and evening weddings are guilty of not providing enough or proper lighting.

These days you find fabulous sources of light from lanterns to chandeliers! One style that I have fallen particularly hard for is white string lights. Let's nip this in the bud: please put all preconceived notions about string lights out of your head and I'll spare you my awful Clark Griswold jokes. Deal? Deal. But because I love you, here's a nugget of fun!

Back to the point. White string lights are a fun and inexpensive way to add some glowing romance to an evening event. Whether you're in a lofty barn, a big white tent or at a backyard get-together, twinkling lights offer a warm and inviting vibe to the evening. Not to mention it offers lovely eye-candy for photographers. Check out these gems:

Via {Ashley Garmon Photography}

Via {Erin Hearts Court}

Via {Simply Bloom Photography}

Via {Gia Canali Photography}
Via {One Love Photo}
Perfect starry nights, no?


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