Thursday, November 19, 2009

roll tape...

Early in my not-so-lengthy experience in the wedding industry, cinematography always left me feeling uneasy. You just never know how something like a video of your wedding will turn out. However the more I have been exposed to cinematography, the more I absolutely adore the concept!

I have come to realize, if done well, how special having video of that special day can truly be. I am especially drawn to the super 8 mm film. The unfinished, vintage feel to these videos gives you a intimate connection to the couple. And the way 8 mm reacts to natural light is priceless.

Here is a sweet film by Joel Serrato, a cinematographer in Santa Barbara, California. He captured the essence of Ainjil and Chris's vineyard wedding.

ainjil + chris from joel serrato on Vimeo.

Romantic reminders like this make me realize how much I would like this for my own wedding. Who doesn't want to remember their special day all over again?


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