Sunday, October 4, 2009

a giggle always helps

As I am sure you well know, weddings can be very stressful. But I learned this weekend that laughter can take you a very long way. The reception of Jessica & Shai's wedding was at the Nasher Museum of Art on Duke's campus. It was a beautiful set up with asian and other eastern flair. With the set up having to occur in a very small window of time (one hour and fifteen minutes to be exact) stress levels for all parties were certainly on high.

After the guests began to arrive and all was running smoothly, the wedding party was introduced. In true Chinese tradition (the bride wanted to keep to her roots), they played a game with the groom and his groomsmen. Each bridesmaid had the opportunity to ask the groom a question or give him a task to prove how well he knew his new wife. In good humor the groom obliged and participated. Everyone in the room (guests, bridal party, family and vendors/contractors) were almost in tears with the groom and his performance...

Here are a few of the questions/tasks the groom was given:

"What is the anniversary date of your engagement?"

"Give us three nicknames that you call your wife..."

"What is your wife's favorite quote from your now mother-in-law?" (His answer was, "No, that's just not going to work..." And he ended up being right!)

Then, he was blindfolded and by touch, had to find his wife's hands out of all the bridesmaids' hands. (One of the groomsmen jumped in too just to confuse him a bit, but he was not fooled...)

The finale was to see how many push-ups he and his groomsmen could complete...let's just say then didn't get very far. In their defense they did say they were saving their energy for the dancefloor...

My point is, in between the stresses of your wedding day, do not forget the point of all of it: happiness. And there is nothing closer to happiness than a little laughter. Jessica and Shai's wedding was full of happiness & laughter - as should everyday :)


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